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According to recent insights into the real estate profession 93% of all real estate in North America is sold by 7% of Realtors.

Why is that?

When student graduate from the real estate school and receive their licenses, they join a Brokerage and trained in one of the following ways;

  1. They are trained by their office broker, office manager or office trainer
  2. They are trained through their franchisor's training program
  3. They are trained by reading books, buying courses or attending seminars, or
  4. They are trained by attending courses offered by their Board of Realtors.

What does this type of training do for the Realtors?

Very little and often... nothing at all! Mostly everything Realtors are taught about have nothing to do with business principles, business expansion, business development, marketing, branding, advertising, sales, CRM, and TQM. Most materials used are antiquated, boring, traditional, non-emotional, out-of-date, old-fashioned, simplistic, incorrect, ineffective, too common, expensive or is designed to benefit someone else.

AgentCoach was developed by seasoned and knowledgeable agents to help agents in real time with what they really need in order to succeed in the profession.

AgentCoach members receive only the best training and coaching options:
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