Buddy System



Real Estate Buddy SystemAgent Coach's "Buddy System" is a practical, easy to approach and implement learning facility.

It is clear that large and successful companies rarely have only one person running them. This is because of the human need to bounce ideas of other people, observe what others are doing and have help and support realizing their own goals.

The "Buddy System" is a community setting which facilitates peer-to-peer coaching. A personality test is used to match members in order to supplement weaknesses and enforce strengths. The partners are connected to work the business together.


In order for the "Buddy System" to be successful, each member goes through 3 stages:

Assessment Stage - helps members understand themselves, their weaknesses and their strengths

Challenge Stage - help members develop plans for getting over identified challenges through peer support and

Support Stagecoach and peer holds member accountable for performing the action plan and overcoming weaknesses.


AgentCoach implements a peer coaching system based on trust and pre-established roles. The "Buddy System" puts emphasis on personalities, strengths and weaknesses as well as enforces accountability. A coach monitors the "buddy" relationship over the course of 6 months to a year. Once training is complete, "buddies" may separate to continue on their own or may choose to continue working together. Splits and work are pre-established and may change twice in the year.

  • Desired outcome can be summoned in the following points:
  • Job knowledge sharing
  • Sharing experience and skills
  • Help new professional become familiar with real estate
  • Acclimatize the new member to the "surroundings"

The "Buddy System" program is available at all levels and across many verticals. Although new programs are added all the time, here are a few for your review:

  • Residential agents wanting to move into commercial real estate
  • Commercial agents flipping to the residential market
  • Pre-construction professionals moving to resales (homes, condos, developments)
  • Corporate real estate professionals back into real estate sales
  • Inexperienced agents trying to gain experience from mature, successful agents
  • Pre-construction professionals moving to resales (homes, condos, developments)
  • Seasoned agents that want to understand today's technology from the new salesperson