Fast Track Program

Fast Track Program

"Fast Track" is a 8 week real estate training program that brings all aspects of your business to new heights!

"Fast Track" is an e-coaching program which takes place once a week. Each Fast Track member must complete the assignments provided in order to remain in this program.

Week #1: Develop a Business Strategy.

In our first lesson, we'll detail a short term and long term plan for building your Internet real estate business and career. You will be introduced to Agent Coach's business plan which will be tailored to the member's business.

Week #2: Implement the Business Strategy.

During week #2, members will implement the Business Strategy at multiple levels and across the verticals selected.

Week #3: Develop a Short Term Schedule.

During the third lesson, members and coach put in place a daily schedule that takes care of the day-to day work required to grow your visibility and income.

Week #4: Implement the Short Term Schedule.

All activities to build a business will be implemented during week #4. This week is the most intense as it introduces members to e-zine articles, copy writing, generating traffic, social media, Twitter and Facebook all with a focus for for real estate professionals. The action plan is progressive and should integrate well with your daily schedule. Each task will be prioritized, so that the important tasks are completed daily and the optional ones are left last.

Week #5: Develop A Real Estate System.

In week #5, members will develop mini real estate systems and checklists to get things done quickly and as easy as possible. These are implemented in week #6 and followed "forever"!

Week #6: Implement the Real Estate System.

In week #6, all bugs are worked out from previous weeks and the Real Estate plan is fine tuned based on your focus, current business levels, strengths and weaknesses, experience and time frame.

Week #7: Implement the Total Solution.

During the 7th week, members enjoy advanced real estate training including negotiations, overcoming obstacles, stop procrastinating, minimizing distractions, staying motivated, tweaking and adjusting schedules, personal improvement, researching business, identifying opportunities and how to achieve higher goals in life.

Week #8: Final Review.

The last week is dedicated to fine-tuning the system and review system implementation, make sure leads are generated, cash is flowing, clients are handled properly and systems are in place.

Your real estate career is about to change!