Coach’s Corner

Coach’s Corner

real estate coachingAgentCoach "Coach's Corner" acts exactly like the coach in a wrestling ring.

  • The coach trains you to be the best you can.
  • The coach supports you mentally all through the fight.
  • The coach is waiting for you in the corner when you are all beaten up
  • Then...  the coach "fixes you up" and sends you back into the fight to win!

AgentCoach coaching systems are not far from this description. The real estate business, simply put, is ... brutal. The competition is fierce and the average salesperson makes sometimes less than basic salary.

Many agents we know are on the verge of bankruptcy and, when the markets change, many drop the profession altogether.

AgentCoach helps you avoid reaching these situations and makes you focus on the positive sides of the business. Through friendly support, our coaches give you a helping hand and pull you out of the crowd.

It is true that 10% of agents make 80% of the profits.